Game Changer

BB: In a few words, tell us a little about Mesha Cabbell?

MC: Let’s see… I live in Southern California. I’m from Indianapolis. I graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a BA in Business Management. I work full-time in Human Resources for a roofing company. I love to travel and I co-own rainboutique.

BB: Do you remember your first job, What was it?

MC: My first job was at Champs in Lafayette Square Mall (back when Lafayette Square was the spot).

BB: Far from the spot now a days, just a bunch of old gangsta mall walkers in there now...

BB: What's your status?

MC: I’m in a relationship.

BB: What was that one quality that this guy had that stood out?

MC: He know's how to treat a woman.

BB: What's the most important ingredient for a healthy relationship?

MC: Communication

BB: Lets play a game; Deal or No Deal. 

BB: Beer belly

MC: Deal - we can work it off together

BB: Locked cell phone

Deal - I’m confident

BB: Baby Mama

Deal - As long as she’s not crazy

BB: I think I love you... 

BB: Give me three words that best describe you?

MC: DrivenAdventurous, and a Freak [laughing]

BB: What do you consider Freaky?

MC: Down for whatever, whenever, wherever.

BB: Yep, I do love you.

BB: What did you do last night?

MC: Got my hair done.

BB: What is the one thing your mother told you that was absolutely true about guys? 

MC: Behind every successful man is a strong woman.

BB: What type of music is on your playlist?

MC: Jay Z & Kanye, Beyonce, and always got a little old school R&B.

BB: What track are you feeling from Jigga & Kanye's album, "Watch the Throne"?

MC: Its track #3, N****s In ParisIt’s got that bounce. Its provocative. [laughing]

BB: In my personal experience, women in Cali are more aggressive in their dating style versus those women from the Mid-West. Would you agree?

MC: I guess so…. more people, more competition.

BB: Turn offs?

MC: Liars and cheaters

BB: Turn ons?

MC: How do you turn on something that’s never off? [Laughing]

BB: Are you a basketball fan?

MC: I wouldn't say fan, but I enjoy going to the games.

BB: Kobe Bryant or Eric Gordon?

MC: Gordon of course, I’m far from home but always put on for my city!

BB: I think the use of the word "swag" is dying off, at least I hope so. Give us a word we could bury along with it?

MC: I want to say "haters" but people still hating. So it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

BB: Probably hating right now...

BB: What's one thing your mother doesn't know about you?

MC: I'd give you two, but then she would know. Ask me off the record, I might share one. [Laughing]

BB: Give me a quote you've heard that would best describe your perspective on life.

MC: “You are not fully dressed until you wear a smile” 

BB: I'm getting dressed now.


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