We caught up with some of the nation's top players at TNL1.com's magazine photo shoot. Check out what Lawrence North's Eron Harris, Pendleton Heights Kellen Dunham, and Lawrence Central's Jeremy Hollowell had to say about Mr. Basketball, and who their toughest match ups were this season.


                                               Eron Harris                Kellen Dunham        Jeremy Hollowell

                                           6'3'' | Class of 2012            6'5'' | Class of 2012        6'7'' | Class of 2012

                                               West Virginia                         Butler                        Indiana



Kicks you'd get

married in...                                


                                          Jordan Retro 7                   Jordan Retro 3                 Jordan Retro 10

Who would you

give Mr. Basketball

to right now?


                                             Yogi Ferrell                       Yogi Ferrell                      Gary Harris

Worst hair cut ever...  

                                       Never had one.          When my mom          One I gave myself.

                                                                              gave me a cut.

Toughest opponent

this season...  


                                    North Central HS                   North Central HS                  North Central HS


If cooking was

left up to you...


                                        Ramen noodles                       Pizza rolls                          Pancakes   


Toughest one-on-one

match up?

                                                                                          Gary Harris                         Gary Harris                         Trey Lyles

You'd make a

mix-tape with...


                                           Soulja Boy                         Drake                             Yung Tone

S/O to David Dixon

Check out the full article on these players and more at www.tnl1.com


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